Into the Unknown

Contents1 The Pandemic2 Making Peace3 So What is the Plan?4 Postponed?5 Road Trip Vehicle6 Summer Road Trip The Pandemic The pandemic forced upon us lots of time together and forced us to slow down.  Whereas in the past, we have planned extended travel to do these things, suddenly we were doing them at home.  While many families struggled with working …

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Best Family Trips Inspired by Literature

We have some avid readers at our house and have been able to spin that love of reading into engaging family trips together. As our kids get older, we are increasingly getting them more and more involved in the trip planning process. Planning trips around destinations featured in their favourite books has been a great engagement tool. We have visited …

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Top 6 Fantasy Books For Tweens And Teens

Written by Ella, age 12 As a devout reader, I find myself constantly looking for something new to read. I will admit that when it comes to types of books I tend to stick to the same genre: dystopian. Only in the past year have I started really getting interested in fantasy books. I love how fantasy books are so …