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Tokyo Disney Sea 1 Day Itinerary: How to Plan Your Day

We were only visiting Japan for 10 days but we knew we wanted to experience a Disney park while we were there.  We had two choices: Tokyo Disney or Disney Sea.  Since we had been to Disney World in Florida a few times, we were taken with the idea of visiting the only Disney Sea park in the world. Both …

what to pack trekking Nepal

What to Pack for Trekking in Nepal

Packing for an trip can be challenging, but packing for trekking in Nepal, can be overwhelming.  On one hand you can’t afford to over pack because you or your porters will be carrying everything you bring, but on the other hand, you want to make sure you are suitably prepared. In this post, we will share our tips for packing …


How to Spend 5 Days in Tokyo With Kids

After a fantastic 4 days in Kyoto, we caught the shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo, city of the future.  While in Kyoto we had soaked up (literally because we visited in August!) our visits to the breathtaking temples and shrines of the imperial city.  In Tokyo we were looking forward to experiencing modern Japan with its neon lights and tech-forward …


Everything You Need to Know About Trekking in Nepal with Kids

If you are like us, you have probably spent years yearning to trek in one of the world’s best hiking regions: the Himalayas of Nepal.  We didn’t get around to doing it before we had kids, but we weren’t going to let something like 3 kids get in the way of pursuing this dream.  I am being cheeky, because we …


Celebrating Holi with Kids in India

It was a few years ago when I started to see Instagram photos of people covered in colourful powders in India.  I didn’t know what they were celebrating then, but it looked really fun.  Over the years I learned that this celebration was called Holi and I am certain that these Instagram photos have drawn many people to India in …