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Our Pacific Eden Cruise Review

We have spent a lot of time raving about our cruise to Papau New Guinea and a lot of that has focused on what an incredible destination PNG was to experience. Read: Why We Loved our Papua New Guinea Cruise PNG Cruise Ports and Tips This was our first cruise as a family and as soon as the cruise ended, …

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Papua New Guinea Cruise Tips & Ports

In my last post, I explained the highlights of our Papua New Guinea cruise and why we absolutely loved this vacation.  It combined up close encounters with tribal villages, beautiful beaches and marine life and the luxury of a P&O cruise, our first as a family.  PNG is just emerging as a cruise destination from Australia and it is a rare opportunity …

Papau New Guinea cruise

Why We Loved our Papua New Guinea Cruise

Ever since I was a teenager I have been fascinated by tribal cultures.  I devoured National Geographics, took Anthropology elective classes at Uni and have always sought out remote places on our travels.  When I noticed that P&O Cruises Australia visited Papua New Guinea (PNG) I was hooked.  Our kids had been wanting to do a cruise for ages and …