The Best Things to Do in Whistler in Summer with Kids

Whistler is the premier ski resort in Canada and many might discount it as a winter-only destination.  However, Whistler has just as much to offer in the summer with its world-class mountain bike culture, awesome natural environment and quality resort facilities. In this post, we will highlight the Whistler family activities that we enjoyed most. You might notice that quite a …

Canadian holidays with kids

14 Incredible Destinations for Families in Canada

Canada’s diverse landscapes, pristine wilderness, progressive cities and friendly residents make it a perfect destination for families.  Best of all, you can get wildly different experiences visiting in winter and summer. As a proud Canadian, I am excited to share with you 14 incredible destinations for families in Canada as recommended by some of the best family travel bloggers out there. …

Old streets Quebec

48 Hours in Quebec City

Visiting Quebec City is a great way to get your Europe fix without leaving the continent.  With its cobblestone streets, historic Old City, and French language and influence, it is an incredibly unique destination in North America and one of the best places to visit in Canada. Located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River, this UNESCO World Heritage …