2019 Year in Review: Best of Travel

One of the traditions I enjoy the most on the blog is writing our yearly “Year in Review” post in which I share our travel highlights of the year.  2019 had lots of those and I am excited to share with you our must unforgettable trip, favourite road trip, tastiest food we ate, and more. This year saw us settle …


How We Do Family Travel on a Budget

I realize sometimes our life on social media looks like one trip after another and many wonder how we can afford to travel so often.  First and foremost, we prioritize travel over anything else.  We drive a beat up old car, we don’t eat out often, and we are all around thrifty.  I almost always buy things on sale and …

Best Travel Apps

Four Travel Apps That We Use Every Day

When you travel how do you keep track of your budget?  Do you find yourself  searching for email confirmations when you check in? When travelling long term, we need to keep careful track of our budget and with hundreds of reservations, we have to be able to quickly find what we are looking for.  Today we are going to share …


Why I Now Avoid

As travellers we have become so reliant on booking sites like and Airbnb.  Just this week Airbnb has been in the news about guests finding hidden cameras in their apartments, a very concerning issue for family travellers. As someone travelling full time we use the aggregate website almost every single day.  They have the largest network of hotels …


2018 Year in Review: A Year of Change

2018 was a big year for us as we transitioned from Australia to Canada.  It was a fantastic adventure spanning three continents, but it was also a really hard year.  Closing out this expat chapter in our lives (for now) and adjusting to “home” was incredibly hard for me.  Last month I wrote about what it was really like coming …