World Peace Pagoda Pokhara

Weekly Updates: Closing Out Our 13 Week Trip

After our time in the mountains, it felt strange to return to the bustle of the city.  We shed our layers and appreciated the warmer weather, enjoyed our favourite food in Kathmandu (Shawarma at Kathmandu Doner Kebab) and got ready for the second part of our Nepal trip.  We were headed to the lakeside town of Pokhara in the Himalayas, …


Weeks 9-11 Update: Goodbye India, Hello Nepal

I have grouped a few weeks together in the hopes of getting my updates caught up.  In week 9, we finished up our time in India with a few days in Delhi, before heading to a new country for all of us: Nepal. Nepal has been somewhere we have wanted to visit for decades and we were so excited to …

Jodhpur stepwells

Week 8 Update: The Blue City and a Camel Safari

In Week 8, we continued on through Rajasthan stopping in the Blue City of Jodhpur and the desert town of Jaisalmer.  While there was lots to do in both places, going on a camel safari in the Thar desert takes the cake. You can catch up on the last update here. There isn’t a direct train between Udaipur and Jodhpur, …

Guangzhou layover

Week 6 Update: We are Not in Mexico Anymore

Week 6 was a crazy week that saw us hit 4 countries in a week!  We said goodbye to Mexico, a brief hello to Los Angeles, our first glimpse of China, before ending up in India. You can read last week’s update here. I have never had a burning desire to go to China and it has never really come …

San Cristobal de las Casas

Week 5 Update: So Long Mexico

Trying to blog while travelling is tough and I have already gotten behind with my weekly updates.  We are now in India, where I have spent all my free time, trying to plan out our time here.  But for this update we are going to travel back in time, to our last few days in Mexico. After 4 blissful weeks, …