Indian Camel Safari, A Kid’s Perspective


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In India my family and I went on a camel safari with the company Wanderlust and had a fantastic time. This is a summary of our two day trip, written by me, Ella (11).

First we got in their jeep at the hotel and drove for about an hour to a small village where we got on the camels.  Miles and Mom shared a camel and the rest of us had our own.  You had to lean back when the camel stood up or else you would fall off the front.

Once on the camels we set off for our camp in the middle of the Thar desert. The camels were somewhat uncomfortable due to the fact that you were sitting in between the camel’s neck and hump, meaning you were frequently shifting your position.  Other then that, it was a rather nice, sweltering hot ride that was 1.5 hours long.  Along the way we saw a few deer, a bunch of cows and even a fox.

When we arrived at the camp we were greeted with a nice cup of chai and two fellow tourists. After a few minutes, the jeep arrived with cold beer and soda.  Then as we enjoyed our drinks, we were served some home made, delicious pakoras and some interesting colored, puffed snack.

After this welcome snack, we went out to explore the sand dunes, next to the camp. We had loads of fun climbing, jumping and rolling around on the dunes and watching the sunset behind them.  My brother’s loved letting their energy out after sitting on the camels for so long.

After sunset we walked back to the campfire where our guides were making our dinner.  For dinner we had rice, chapatis, dal and potato curry.  The food was fantastic!  After dinner, we sat around the campfire and  talked for a bit before finally deciding to head to bed.

Our beds were placed behind a hand-made wind wall and were very comfortable.  We slept on camp beds with cozy duvets that were surprisingly useful.  We loved lying down and finding constellations that rose and disappeared across the night sky as we fell asleep.

The next morning we woke up and found it to be surprisingly chilly and we loved having our cozy duvets.  We were brought a cup of chai to enjoy with the sunrise. When we eventually pulled ourselves out of our cozy beds, breakfast was waiting for us.  We had an assortment of seasonal fruit including bananas, oranges and even watermelon.  We also had a delicious wheat porridge that had a similar texture to quinoa and was nicely sweetened.  It was spectacular! While we enjoyed our food we also loved discussing the constellations we saw that night.

Overnight they let the camels roam, except for one, which they took to find the others.  Overnight the camels travel about 2-3 km, making it a process to find them.

After breakfast, we had one last walk through the dunes and that got on our camels and headed back.  After an hour of riding we got to where the jeep was parked and rode back.

I thought the Wanderlust Camel Safari was an amazing, must-do experience.


Mom’s Notes

We booked our 2 day/1 night Camel Safari through Wanderlust Camel Safaris in Jaisalmer.  The cost was 1850 rupees/person ($38 CAD/person), which included transport to the desert (1 hour), camels, guides, dinner and breakfast, overnight stay.  They suggested four camels for our family, so we only paid 1850 x 4. We didn’t book in advance, but organized through Padam when we got to Jaisalmer.

We also stayed at Wanderlust Guesthouse while we were in Jaisalmer, which we can definitely recommend for great budget accommodation.  We had two double rooms side by side for $10 CAD/room.  The guesthouse has good WIFI, hot showers, nice rooftop restaurant with views of the Fort and they will store your backpacks for you while you go on safari.

What to Bring:

  • hat and sunscreen
  • scarf to cover your face
  • pants and long sleeve shirt for sun protection
  • close toed shoes
  • warmer clothes for night
  • toilet paper

They will provide drinking water, sleeping cots and bedding.  You can also pre-order beer or soft drinks from the guides.

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