Links We Like

When we are at home living our regular lives, I am so inspired by so many wonderful travel blogs out there, especially family ones.  These blogs show me what is possible and I love hearing of others’ adventures.

We love listening to Family Adventure Podcasts and hearing from many of the families listed below. Another great podcast is An Epic Education Podcasts.  Both profile and interview traveling families and are a wealth of resources and inspiration.

Family Travel Blogs

Bumfuzzle – what haven’t these guys done???  Currently traveling through Mexico in a “bus”
A King’s Life – digital nomads; currently living in Bali
World Travel Family – been traveling with kids for years
Curious Plan – family from Melbourne (who have given me great tips) that traveled and kept a great blog
Where’s Sharon – another family from Melbourne, their blog has a wealth of resources
Pearce on Earth – long time travel nomad family

Cruising Blogs

sv Totem – American family that is sailing around the world; currently in the US
sv Delos – not a family; just some young people sailing around the world making fabulous videos
Sailing LaVagabonde – a couple sailing the world making great videos; currently in the Pacific
Turf to Surf – a sailing couple with great blogs and videos, in the Pacific
sv Fieldtrip – family that sailed across the Pacific
Windtraveler – family with 3 kids under 3 sailing in the BVIs
sv Fluenta – Canadian family sailed across the Pacific
sv Necesse – family cruising in the Caribbean
sv Salty – family of 5; completed the Northwest Passage summer 2015
sv Wondertime – family that sailed across the Pacific and are now in NZ
Gone with the Wynns – a couple completely new to sailing, learning and making documentaries
Tika Travels – sailing family, sailing home to Perth