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Why I Now Avoid
World Family Travel
As travellers we have become so reliant on booking sites like and Airbnb.  Just...
2018 Year in Review: A Year of Change
World Family Travel
2018 was a big year for us as we transitioned from Australia to Canada.  It was a fantastic...


We are a Canadian family of 5 that absolutely loves traveling with our kids.  We don’t want to wait until retirement to travel, we believe you can (and should!) do it now as a family.  We seek out any opportunity to travel that comes our way and have done the traditional shorter family holidays, traveled to developing countries on extended trips, backpacked, lived on a sailboat and lived overseas as expats twice – ALL with our KIDS.  Let us guide and motivate you to pack your suitcases and hit the road with your kids.  There is no one right way to travel with your kids and we hope we can help and inspire you to find the way that works best for your family.