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As we were trying to pack up all our things for our move back to Canada, I tried to reflect on some of the things we will really miss about Malaysia, as well as some of things we wouldn’t miss, through photos.  Once we are back in Canada, I’m sure we will have more thoughts and reflections on our transition back to life in Canada.  We are currently on our 6th day of holiday in Sri Lanka and really enjoying the country.  Of course traveling with three little kids in a developing country has its challenges, but already we have had some great adventures, which we will share in another blog.

Some things we will really miss about living in Malaysia:

1.  Malaysian Prices


1.90 Malaysian/litre of gas ($0.65/Cdn/L)

2.  Uniforms

Makes getting ready so much easier in the morning

3.  Nini

I can’t say enough about how much we will miss her.  Other than Paul and I, she has been the one constant in the kids lives this past 1.5 years and they adore her.  I will miss having a third arm to help with the children and she has kept our house pristine, which I will also miss:)

4.  Cultural opportunities


5.  Cheap eats


6.  Moms group

Something to look forward to each Tuesday; a wonderful opportunity to meet Moms from around the world.

7.  Swimming


8.  the beach



9.  the food


Food at local restaurant

10.  Weeekends away

It is pretty nice to be able to head to KL or Penang or the beach on the weekends.


11.  the paparazzi

These school girls were very interested in talking to Ella (on bridge in blue).

12.  Celebrity status

Celebrity status, the kids may not miss people pinching their cheeks all the time.


13.  Weather



14. Pampering

We will really miss the manicures, pedicures, massages and salon visits that are so cheap over here.  I don’t think Ella really understands that there will be only home pedicures in Canada!

Some things we will not miss about living in Malaysia:

1.  Squat toilets

Won’t miss you!

2.  4 yo homework

Will not miss Ella’s spelling tests and the rigorous schooling.  However, it certainly has given her a strong foundation in reading, writing and math.


3.  the grocery store



4.  Missing family and friends

Although skyping is great (what did people do before Skype?), we are looking forward to not missing family occasions and gathering with friends.


5.  Paul’s schedule

Paul works longer hours in Malaysia and 2 Saturdays a month.  We will enjoy having him home on weekends and before school.  I also won’t miss the lovely uniform he wears here.

6.  the Humidity

The humidity in Malaysia makes it hard to spend a lot of time outside and we are looking forward to playing in our backyard, going to the park and other outdoor pursuits.

7.  Driving/traffic
We will have to adjust to the much less aggressive driving style in Canada.    We are looking forward to not having to dodge motorbike

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