Old town Ipoh

Your Guide to Ipoh: the Best Things to Do in Ipoh

When we moved to Ipoh, Malaysia in 2011, no one we talked to knew where Ipoh was.  Most people were familiar with Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Penang, but not Ipoh.  Fast forward to our return visit this year and Ipoh had suddenly made it onto foreigner’s radar. Ipoh has long been a popular destination for domestic tourists with its stunning …


6 Things You Have to do in Melbourne

After spending nearly two years living in Melbourne, I can fully attest to its reputation as one of the “most liveable cities in the world”.  It may not be as well known as its big sister Sydney, but it is a city that gets under your skin in the best possible way.  It doesn’t have the quintessential Aussie beaches or …

West MacDonnell Ranges

Into the Outback: Our Red Centre Australia Road Trip

So often visitors to Australia fail to understand how large the country is and try to cover too much on their travels.  Most visitors concentrate their trip on the populated coastal areas with its beaches, cosmopolitan cities and lush wilderness.  However, a visit to the Red Centre of Australia presents a completely different experience with its iconic sites, rich cultural …

Alice Springs Anzac hill

The Best Things to do in Alice Springs

“Alice” as Alice Springs is affectionately called by Australians is almost smack in the middle of Australia.  Its the second largest city in the Northern Territory and a popular gateway for those exploring the Red Centre.  Located 1,500 km from both Adelaide in the south and Darwin in the north, Alice is a bit of a wild west town. When …