Chitwan National Park

Should You Visit Chitwan National Park?

While it was the trekking that brought us to Nepal, we were looking forward to a well-rounded itinerary that included culture, wildlife, history and adventure.  To hit the wildlife component, we planned to visit Nepal’s most well known National Park – Chitwan National Park.  Once we arrived in Nepal, we started to doubt if it was worth the effort and …

Phillip Island Penguin Parade

Phillip Island: More than Penguins

We have been based in Melbourne for over a year now and have explored most of the regular weekend getaway spots.  I am not sure why it took us so long to visit Phillip Island, just 90 minutes from Melbourne.  Like many, I thought it was simply the tourist place you went to see the little fairy penguins.  I had …

Bay of Fires

Our Tasmania Roadtrip – Part 1

With January being summer school holidays over here we knew we wanted to go somewhere, but where to go?  Melbourne is nicely positioned right across the Bass Strait from Tasmania, a place I really hadn’t ever thought much of visiting. Tassie, as it is universally and affectionately called over here is an island state in Australia known for its rugged …


Elephants and a Birthday in Wayanad

I really wanted to see elephants in India.  Of course I had seen lots of them in zoos and even in the wild in Sri Lanka and throughout Africa, but I was determined we would see them in India.  On our trip we were visiting two wildlife area.  We visited Periyar Tiger Reserve, which was a total bust for seeing wildlife, although we …