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The Best of Nicaragua: 12 Awesome Things to do in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is just emerging as one of the hottest destinations in Central America.  Word is now out on the country that is coined the land of volcanoes and lakes.  Just a short flight from Canada and the USA, Nicaragua is one of the cheapest and safest destinations in the region.  And unlike its neighbour Costa Rica where development has exploded, …

Volanoes Nicaragua

Let’s Plan Your Nicaragua Itinerary

So you have heard about this great country just a short flight from Canada and the US where you can see volcanoes, exotic wildlife, unwind on white or black sand beaches and tour colourful colonial cities?  It’s not Costa Rica, where years of development has led to higher prices.  It’s Nicaragua, a country once thought too unstable politically to travel …


Our last week in Nicaragua

Sometimes when I sit down to write a blog I don’t even know where to start.  Do I start by telling you about everything we have done? Or about my thoughts on the amazing people we have met? Or about how amazing (and challenging) traveling with kids can be?  Can I ever express properly the hustle and bustle of the chicken buses or the challenges …