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We are so glad you have found our site.  We are a Canadian family of 5 that have been travelling with our kids since they were babies.  We suffer from a bad case of wanderlust and believe that having kids doesn’t mean you have to stop travelling.  In fact, we think traveling with your kids now is better than waiting for retirement to make your travel dreams come true.

Head to Our Story to learn more about our travels and how we became travel addicts.  You can also read Our Family to learn more about us.world family travel

What This Blog Is About

We LOVE to travel and 5 Lost Together is a place for us to share our family travel adventures.  We hope to inspire you to travel more with your family by providing travel guides and helpful advice on travelling with kids.

Have a look at 57 Countries in Photos.

How to Travel More as a Family

We believe there is no one right way to travel with kids.  Every one has different preferences when it comes to destinations, travel style and budget.  Families are increasingly interested in travelling more with their kids.  There is so much research that indicates the value of travel for kids, and we have seen first hand the effects it has had on our kids. We dive deeper into this in Why We Travel with Our Kids.

If you want to travel MORE as a family, read How You Can Travel More as a Family.   So often families want to travel more but are limited by time and finances.  However, making travelling a reality can be as simple as a shift in thinking and priorities.  In this post, we highlight different approaches families use to live their travel dreams.  Our new Travel MORE Case Study series takes a deeper look at each of these approaches, as we interview two families each month.  These case studies are hugely inspirational and give you the tools to apply these approaches to your life.

Help Planning Your Travels

We know travel planning can be overwhelming!  It is not a lack of information, but rather a deluge of information that can be time consuming to sort through.  We share our family travel tips in Travel Planning 101.  You might like checking out the Essential Travel Gear we travel with and what activities we use to keep the kids entertained on long travel days.  These are the great travel apps that we use to plan and stay organized on the road.

Our Travel Style

We really do believe family travel does not have to look a certain way.  We have backpacked with our kids, lived on a sailboat in the Bahamas, been to Disney World twice, cruised, and lived overseas twice as expats.  We are constantly looking for opportunities to travel, which influences most of the decisions we make.

Our preferred style is independent, budget travel.  We tend to choose destinations where our money can go the furthest.  I grew up in a thrifty household and you just cannot take that out of me!  If you are looking to save money when travelling, read our Family Travel on a Budget post.family travel

Where to Start?

If you are new to our site and do not know where to start reading, here are some of our most popular posts from around the world.





Expat Life

We have lived overseas twice – once in Malaysia and once in Australia.  In fact, our youngest child was born in Malaysia! We think being expats is a great way to live and experience a different part of the world.  We did not go looking for these opportunities; both of them fell in our laps.  But, we chose to take the leap and say “YES” to them.  We find we never regret saying YES to new experiences that come our way.

Living overseas has affected us in many positive ways.  We have been exposed to new cultures, languages, ways of doing things and we have met some amazing people.  I expand on this in:  Things That Change Forever When You Live Overseas.

Visit our Expat Life section for more posts about our life as expats.Expat family

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We love to talk travel!  Have a question or looking for advice? Send me an email.  I love to help others plan travel; in fact, I cannot think of anything more fun to do!

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