Melbourne city

Expat Life

When we were first offered the chance to live overseas, we jumped at the opportunity. We absolutely loved travelling and learning about new cultures so it seemed like a natural progression. When I found out I was pregnant with baby #3 (SURPRISE!) while Paul was in Malaysia signing the contract, we did debate if we should continue with the plan. But we figured people have babies all over the world, so why let that stop us! We had been to Malaysia before and were excited to return to Southeast Asia in all its humid glory. Our time is Malaysia was fabulous and I have such great memories of the friends we met, trips we took and the great experiences we had. Was it all easy and smooth sailing? No, definitely not and with a new baby, I was home sick at times and missed my life in Canada.

After returning back to Canada for a few years, a new opportunity presented itself for us to move to Melbourne, Australia. Once again we jumped at the opportunity and we arrived in October 2016 after a wonderful month traveling in the Netherlands, India and Thailand. This time I struggled a lot more with settling in to our new life and being a “trailing spouse”.  But as with all things, with time I have come to embrace and enjoy our life here.

Each month I post an Expat Update about what we have been up to and my feelings.  Also check out some of our most popular expat posts: