Delphi with kids

Our DIY Percy Jackson Greece Trip

As our kids get older, we are planning trips around their interests and getting them more involved in the travel planning process.  Our 10 year old daughter had spent the last two years reading her way through everything that the children/young adult’s author, Rick Riordan had written.  She devoured his stories based on the fictional character Percy Jackson and her …


Our Guide to Athens with Kids

I had heard a lot of mixed reviews about Athens before our trip and so I didn’t really know what to expect.  Some had loved it and others had commented that it was dirty, unsafe and only worthy of a couple of days.  What did we think?  We thought it was a fantastic city and really enjoyed our three days …

Canadian holidays with kids

14 Incredible Destinations for Families in Canada

Canada’s diverse landscapes, pristine wilderness, progressive cities and friendly residents make it a perfect destination for families.  Best of all, you can get wildly different experiences visiting in winter and summer. As a proud Canadian, I am excited to share with you 14 incredible destinations for families in Canada as recommended by some of the best family travel bloggers out there. …

Sisal Merida rental

Getting Off the Beaten Path: Sisal in the Yucatan

We love off-the-beaten path destinations, although sometimes it can be hard to get to these gems on shorter trips. For our Christmas 2021 we knew we wanted to find a great less-busy, less-expensive beach place in Mexico for our extended family to unwind after the turmultous months (and years) we have been living through the COVID pandemic. We researched a …