Austria: Why It’s Perfect For Your Next Family Vacation

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Austria – The Ultimate Family Holiday Destination

Austria is a small but impressive country, filled with cultural significance and many historical locations, landmarks and buildings all waiting to be explored. Located in central Europe, it is surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and stunning nature, making it the ideal place to visit for your next family vacation. 

From the famous capital city Vienna to the unique ice caves in the Dachstein Glacier, your family will return home with a wave of new information and plenty of holiday highlights. If you are travelling from outside the European Union, buy Euros before starting your vacation to reduce the possibility of problems and delays when obtaining your holiday spending money.


Vienna is the capital city of Austria and a must-see city for any trip to this magical country. It is home to the baroque palace and surrounding gardens, endless history and a rich cultural presence. 

You can spend hours walking around this incredible location, but ride a tourist bus or take a boat trip along the Danube for more kid-friendly options. Stop by the House of Music, where you and the family can learn how ears work, how sound is formed, what sounds we can hear and what we can’t, as well as learn about different musical instruments. 


Located near the city of Klagenfurt is the famous museum/park of miniature world attractions, more commonly known as ‘Minimundus’. Here you can see exact copies of different architectural structures from around the world, made from original materials but reduced by 25 times. 

You will be able to see sites like the Taj Mahal, the Statue of Liberty, the Arc de Triomphe, St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Pantheon, the Eiffel Tower and many more. In addition, there are working railway lines, mini-ports with ships and a big playground for kids to enjoy. 


Lindz is the third largest city located on the Danube River’s banks. It is a must-visit tourist spot, with the main town square and the nearby medieval Old Town Hall worthwhile of a stop. Take your kids on the tram up the mountain Postlingbergbahn, considered to be one of the steepest in the world. 

Furthermore, your family will enjoy a ride on the Grottenbahn, a locomotive shaped like a dragon that travels through a tunnel line with gnome figurines. Finally, end your visit by working through the miniature town dedicated to famous fairy-tale characters. 


Graz is the second-largest city in Austria and a fantastic city break in the upper part of the country. The streets are lined with ultra-modern buildings interspersed with medieval castles and quaint villages. The city has many universities, facilitating a bustling student life. 

The Old Town of Graz is a classified world heritage site, with picturesque cobblestone streets, beautiful buildings and interesting landmarks. The city has several impressive castles to visit with the family, including Schloss Eggenberg and Grazer Burg. History fans will enjoy this destination. 

Ellmi’s Magic World

For the ultimate touch of whimsy and magic, take the family to Ellmi’s Zauberwelt. This magic-themed amusement park is located an impressive 1555m above sea level. It contains many trails lined with goblins and wizards, with spectacular natural views and plenty of family-fun activities. 

There is also a spacious playground with slides, carousels, swings, play structures and facilities to keep children well entertained. 


Kirchdorf will be the ultimate choice if you want to take a winter skiing trip suitable for the entire family. The famous ski resort has a small ski area ideal for beginners and children alike, while more experienced skiers can hit the slopes for a day of fun and adventure. 

If winter holidays don’t excite you, visit during the summer holidays for fresh mountain air and scenic bike trips. Stay in one of the various hotels in the area, all equipped with lush swimming pools that more than make up for the lack of seaside landscape. 

Dachstein Giant Ice Cave

If you are after a truly unique experience, head to the Ice Palace Dachstein. It is carved into the Dachstein Glacier, allowing you to walk through impressive halls supported by various ice columns, a breathtaking Crystal Dome and the Blue Salon, which is ideal for relaxation. 

Various ice sculpture exhibitions are held throughout the Ice Palace, available to see year-round. Remember to dress accordingly for this incredible trip, as the cavern can get very cold. 


Hallstatt is a small village, one of the oldest in Europe. To get there, you must take either a ferry or a boat across the lake, a popular form of transport with children, giving them an excellent opportunity to take in the sites, sounds and smells of the lake environment. The village is famous for ancient salt mines, which has been mined there for three thousand years. 

Once you arrive, you can visit the Salzwelten, an old salt mine accessed by foot or a small train. Alternatively, you can take the view from the Hallstatt Skywalk, an observation deck 360m high. Finally, feed the swans that call this majestic lake home. 

Hochosterwitz Castle

Hochosterwitz Castle is a magnificent spectacle dating back to the 9th century. To this day, it is still owned by a famous Austrian family, meaning some locations on the property are closed to tourists. 

Walking through the castle, you can see breathtaking medieval interiors and visit the on-site museum, decked with a rich collection of armour and a wooden statue of the legendary giant guardian of the fortress.

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