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A Hit! Enchanted Adventure Garden and Tree Surfing Review

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The Enchanted Adventure Garden is located an hour outside Melbourne, on the Mornington Peninsula, near Arthur’s Seat. It was a huge hit with our kids, so read on for our Enchanted Adventure Garden review.  The park is a wholesome adventure wonderland where you can do high ropes courses, zip line, go flying down a hill in a tube and challenge yourself to many physical and mental mazes and puzzles.  It truly is a place for the whole family and there are things to keep even the littlest visitors entertained for hours. As you drive up the winding road to the top of Arthur’s Seat, don’t forget to stop and take in the beautiful Bay views.

Arthur's seat view

View from Arthur’s Seat

Here is our review of our visit to the Enchanted Adventure Garden.


Tree Surfing Grand (135cm+) $59/adult, $49/child, includes general admission

Tree Surfing Nippers $49/adult, $39/child, includes general admission

General Admission $29/adult, $19/child

Tree Surfing

Tree surfing was what brought us to the Enchanted Adventure Garden, although there is so much more to the park too.

Our kids were 5, 7 and 9 and so we opted for the Tree Surfing Nippers course.  We visited during school holidays so it was very busy and I would recommend trying to visit at a quieter time.  Our kids had done zip lining in Nicaragua and so were pretty eager to do a high ropes course.  You book in to a specific time and you have 1 hour to complete the Nippers course or 2 hours for the Grand course.  There can be up to 15 people in each time slot.  You want to make sure you arrive at least 15 minutes early to get organized.  When your time is called, you will need to sign the waivers and they will equip you with all the equipment you need (harnesses and helmets).  When you arrive at the beginning of the course they will give you a brief explanation of how to hook onto the rope course.

Tree Surfing Nippers

Tree Surfing Nippers course

There are lots of interesting obstacles for you to go from tree to tree.  They course gets progressively more difficult as you go, but it is definitely suitable for even young children.   The problem we had the day we went was that we were the last family to go in our group and there were some children ahead of us that were extremely scared and moved very slowly.  After the 1 hour, we hadn’t even made it through the first of the three Nippers courses.  This was frustrating to all of us, but especially to my 9 year old daughter.  They did allow us to continue on past the one hour time limit and complete all the courses.

Tree surfing nippers

No fear of heights!

Adults can do the first and second course, but then only children can do the third course.  In hindsight, we should have split into two groups and had one adult and my older daughter do the Grand courses, while the younger boys (under 135 cm) and one adult do the Nippers.  All kids have different risk thresholds, but for my 9 year old, the course was a little too easy.  My 7 year old was a little scared, but my 5 year old was fearless and rocked it.  After each of the courses, you do a zipline (short and fairly slow) to the ground and then you can start the next course.  At any point after doing one course, kids can stop if they are not feeling up for the next course.  We enjoyed doing the Nippers course as a family, but we saw lots of kids doing it without parents. If your kids are older and more confident, you can opt to just pay for the kids and save quite a bit of money.  The course is incredibly safe and I totally trusted the equipment and setup and staff.

high ropes with kids

Our brave little ones


Being from Canada, we are used to tubing down snowy slopes, but our kids loved this Australian style of tubing.  You hike up a hill with your tube, which gets lubricated at the top and you coast down a contoured course.  Then you do it all over again.  You can choose to go in a double tube (max 1 adult) or a single and there are six rides that each offer different turns and spins.  For the younger kids there is even a small tubing area which my 5 year old loved.  General admission (and tree surfing) includes unlimited tubing.

Tubing Enchanted Garden

They couldn’t get enough of the tubing!

Tubing Enchanted Garden

The Tube runs


The kids really enjoyed finding their way through the four permanent mazes. The children’s maze is really sweet with various themed areas to be discovered including a fun musical discovery area.  My kids enjoyed playing the life size snakes and ladders game the most.  There is also an impressive hedge maze, a turf maze and a blue gum maze.  They do have an indoor 3D maze, which is worth a quick walk through, however we preferred the more traditional mazes.

Hedge maze

Finally out!

Brain Teasers

The kids also liked the active brain teasers where you had to use your brain to solve different puzzles. Even though it was school holidays while were there, the kids still got to try all the puzzles.  These were great fun for the kids and the adults and there was a bit of competition between the whole family to see who could solve the puzzle first.

Enchanted Garden brainteaser

Hmmm this is hard!

Other Tips

If you still have time and energy, there is a Canopy Walk you can check out.  Since we had been in the trees when we were tree surfing, we skipped this.  The whole site is an incredibly peaceful, green and lush place to spend the day.  Bring a picnic lunch and you can sit near the pond or English gardens and take in the beautiful surroundings.  If the kids have been good, you can reward them with a sweet from the Lolly Shop on site.  If you are visiting in the summer, don’t forget to bring a refillable water bottle, sunscreen and a hat.

Tree surfing selfie

Happy faces for a happy day out

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