Jogya Village Inn Yogyakarta

An Oasis in Yogyakarta: Jogja Village Inn

I love a hotel with personality; a hotel that encapsulates a destination.  The Jogja Village Inn in Yogyakarta, Indonesia was the perfect place to spend our last few days in Indonesia.  If you are looking for where to stay in Yogyakarta, look no further than Jogja Village Inn. Jogjakarta is the cultural capital of one of the most populous islands …

Kochi Marriott review

Luxury and Elegance at Kochi Marriott

Many visitors to Kochi (or Cochin as it is still commonly referred to) will head right to the historic and quaint Fort Kochi.  This is what we did on our first time in the capital of Kerala and loved our time there.  After four weeks in India, we chose to spend our last night in the bustling and cosmopolitan mainland …