Throwback Monday

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I spent quite a lot of time here in Georgetown in the mid-’90s.  Many people will comment to me on how much things must have changed.  But the funny thing is 20 years on, Georgetown still has that distinct feel.  It still attracts hundreds of boats each season.  There is still the Cruising Regatta each year.  There is still a daily morning net.  It is still summer camp for adults – they still have volleyball, church, meetings on the beach of all types daily.  There are still cliques and disagreements among the long term and transient visitors.  The town is still mostly the same.  And yet of course there are differences.  Exuma Markets (the grocery store in town) now seems to stock almost anything (if price is not an object and as long as you come to town on the two days the boats come in to deliver).  We now have cell phones and internet on our boats.  The boats seem to be larger nowadays and there are lots more catamarans.  Sadly there isn’t the weekly dinner at Two Turtles, but there still is Rake & Scrape at Eddie’s.  You now have to grab a mooring if you want prime real estate in one of the very sheltered holes.  Volleyball Beach (the main gathering spot for cruisers) now has a bar and restaurant (sadly no more potlucks/bonfires allowed there).  And so although there are lots of changes to Georgetown in the past 20 years, the community spirit and feel of the place has remained the same.  Before we left, I scanned some old photos from Georgetown in the ’90s and I have made a few comparisons.  Enjoy!

Stocking Island


Volleyball Beach (from different angles) but you can see in 1997 there was no Chat’n’Chill


The Boats
Volleyball is still a huge draw, although there are no outer courts anymore
Kidd Cove to Lake Victoria
Cruising Regatta – Childrens’ Day Tug of War
Cruising Regatta – Childrens’ Day activities
Georgetown Kids – now and then


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