Catching Up

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Okay I knew it had been awhile since we did a blog, but didn’t realize it had been like 10 weeks!  I’m not sure if it is laziness or perhaps we have well and truly settled into life here, but there just hasn’t been too much to write about. Time is just flying along…March and April are over and May will be over soon.  The bigs news as some of you might have heard is that we are moving back to Canada this summer.  So although the next 6 weeks will be filled with packing and preparing for our return, I will try to blog a bit more frequently because I have lots of thoughts and musing about coming home.  Like any big decision, moving back was a hard one to make with many, many, many discussions and second thoughts about what we wanted to do.  In the end we decided that returning to Canada in the summer made sense.  There are so many things we are really looking forward to about living back in Canada (save that for another blog), but there will also be so many things we are going to miss about our life in Malaysia.  So it is definitely with mixed feelings that we prepare for our time in Malaysia to end.  We’re pretty happy with the souvenir of Malaysia we will be taking home….Miles!

The tickets are booked and we leave Malaysia July 7.  But instead of going right home, we will travel for 3.5 weeks on the way home because we won’t be back on this side of the world for awhile.  We will spend 2.5 weeks in Sri Lanka, a country we have always wanted to visit and 1 week in Europe (Belgium and Paris) before returning to Canada August 1.

What have we been up to the past few months?


  • Ella got her very own billboard (she is on the school’s new billboard)IMG_2145
  • Disney on Ice in PenangIMG_2263
  • Earth Day in Kuala Lumpur – watching the lights go out on the Petronas Towers and visiting the Batu CavesIMG_2406
  • EasterIMG_2466
  • Weekend at the beach at Pangkor islandIMG_2633
  • A visit from my parents, including yet another trip to ThailandIMG_2677
With my parents visiting, we were able to take a holiday to Thailand (our third trip to Thailand in 6 months!).  We just can’t get enough of the yummy Thai food, friendly Thai people and beautiful beaches.  We returned to the lovely beachfront villa we had stayed in, in Koh Samui with my brother and Audrey.  We also stayed a few days in Koh Phanang (notable for its full moon parties) in a great little hotel owned by a Thai-Canadian family, Seaflower Bungalows.  Paul and I had traveled to both islands in 2006 when we were backpacking.  On Koh Phanang we stayed in a great beachfront hut for $8 that we had really fond memories of.  We were determined to find that little hut again; but alas it has been knocked down for flashier accommodation.  Just for fun, here is our blog from 2006:
Ella is thriving at school, although she is not fond of her homework.  We are so proud of how she has learned to read the past few months.  She has picked up this habit of speaking in Malaysian-English and will have quite the accent when we return to Canada.  Her school loves using old fashioned British colonial era terms like: passing motion, scolding, dustbin, to name a few.  Gavin is also enjoying school and loves playing with his friends.  We are making progress on the potty training, slowly but surely.  Gav is my little helper and loves to help out with his younger brother.  Miles has changed so much in the past few weeks.  He is 10 months this week and has developed quite the personality.  He really, really wants to crawl, but can’t quite figure it out.  He loves standing up, eats lots of solid foods, and loves to wave and clap.
I promise 10 weeks won’t go by before the next blog!

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