May 2018 Expat Update

In our April Expat Update we started to talk about the transition of moving back to Canada and preparing for our 8 week travels this summer. But we spent the month of May in the regular routines of school, work and lots of kid activities.  We get asked a lot how we are feeling about the move and what we …

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Photos to Capture our Expat Experience

Sometimes those who love to travel take their home for granted.  I know I am guilty of this all the time.  While I love being wrapped up in all the comforts of home, it never seems nearly as exciting or interesting as new destinations. Living as an expat in a city that is new to you allows you to really …


April 2018 Expat Update

With our time left in Australia ticking down, I am all-too-aware that this will be the 3rd last Expat Update post I write.  We have less than 2 months left in Melbourne (we fly out the end of June), but I think the whole family is trying our hardest to not focus on that too much.  We just want to …

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Things Canada Should Adopt from Australia

One of the things we love the most about living in a different country is seeing and learning about different ways of doing things.  Canada and Australia are thought of as really similar culturally.  But there are still lots of nuanced differences we notice. As Canadians living in Australia, there are so many things I love about the Aussie lifestyle.  …

Brighton beach boxes

February 2018 Expat Update

In last month’s update, we shared our plans for our move back to Canada.  February was all about enjoying Melbourne, getting back into the school routine and hosting visitors.  Those 28 days went by really fast and we know the next four months will do the same.  That’s why we are determined to eek out every last day that we …


January 2018 Expat Update – We have a Plan!

Let’s get straight to the big news of the month.  You have probably heard me stress over what is next for our family: do we stay in Australia as expats longer or head back to Canada.  We have spent months weighing out each of our options, rehashing our priorities and debating what we should do.  Starting 2018 without any clear …