Special Photographs on our Special Trip: a Wanderloud Review


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Two years ago when we were traveling in Nicaragua, we met a mom and her teenage son on a special solo trip.  The Mom took each of her three kids on a trip and since this son was really passionate about birds, Nicaragua was his pick.  I absolutely loved the idea of having a special trip with each child and vowed to do the same with our kids.

Ella and I went to western Canada when my niece was born on our special trip and Gavin was next up.  I found a really cheap flight to Singapore with Fly Scoot and so his destination was chosen for him.  Ella did feel like she got the short end of the straw, but I have a feeling we will have another trip together when she is older.  Miles is determined his special trip will be Legoland in Florida.  I might have to work on him about that!

Special Trip

It felt weird to be going away just the two of us and I was a little sad that the whole family wasn’t coming.  Spending so much time with my middle child on this trip made me realize how split my attention often is and it felt good to be able to devote 100% of my attention to him.

Solo family trip

So nice to have so much time together on this trip.

Read our top 15 things to do with kids in Singapore post to see more about how we spent our time in Singapore.    We visited water parks and theme parks, sampled the yummy hawker food, explored the cultural areas of Little India and Chinatown and melted away in the equatorial humidity.

It felt so good to have that special time together although we both missed the rest of the family too.  When visiting the attractions, Gavin often commented that it would be more fun with his siblings.  I love how close our kids are and this trip showed how tight they are.

Special Photos – Wanderloud Review

While in Singapore, we had the opportunity to do a travel photo shoot with Wanderloud, a destination photography company.

About a year ago I started hearing about destination photo shoots when people went on holiday.  Instead of having family photos taken at home, families were opting to have professional photos taken to remember a special vacation. I loved this idea and we almost booked a shoot in Japan last summer.

Wanderloud specializes in connecting travelers to professional photographers all over the world.  The idea is that you don’t have to worry about getting that perfect shot with the whole family, or capturing that spontaneous laugh, because some one else is doing it for you.  In fact, they even suggest leaving the camera at home for a digital-free holiday.   Here is our full Wanderloud review:

We were connected to Kaye in Singapore and we met up with her one morning for an hour to do the shoot.  We took photos in front of iconic Singaporean landscapes like the Marina Bay Sands and Harbour, as well as in the quirky Kampong Glam neighborhood.

Wanderloud travel photographers

Taking in the beautiful Marina Bay Sands

Later that day we received our “sneak peak” of one of our photos and it was so exciting to have a great photo of both of us together.  I often hide behind the camera and so it was such a treat to have photos with me in them.  Later that week we received all of our photos and there are so many fantastic ones.  I know our trip to Singapore will be one we always remember, but it means so much to have these special photos to remember it by.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Packages start from $390 AUD and include 20 digital images.  I am excited to use our fantastic photos in our photo albums and as Christmas presents. I am also eager to get photos taken of the whole family on our next vacation.  Now, I just need to figure out where that will be!!!

UPDATE: We had Wanderloud photos taken in Melbourne as a way of remembering our expat experience.  Check out our Wanderloud Family Photos.

Do you have a tradition like this of doing a solo trip with each of your kids?  Have you had travel photographs taken while you are away?  I would love to hear about it in the comments below. 

All photos in this post were captured by Wanderloud’s Kaye in Singapore.

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